Gaming Post 37: Kirby’s Dream Land

The Random Number Generator has decided that the next game I should write an article about is Kirby’s Dream Land.


In January of 2015, I beat the game Punch-Out!! (NES) on the Wii U Virtual Console. Even though I used Restore Points to take most of the difficulty out of the game, it wasn’t completely easy.

When I time travel, I see this menu a lot. Actually, way too much.


Instead of immediately moving on to Super Punch-Out!!, I settled on what would probably be an easier target. Available on the 3DS Virtual Console were the first few entries in the Kirby Series. The Kirby Series was high on my list of targets, Kirby himself having been a playable character in the very first Super Smash Bros. game.

The Original 12 Fighters represent The Greater Mario Series, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, StarFox, Pokémon, Earthbound and F-Zero.

For me, the completion of Kirby’s Dream Land began a month and a half long binge of the Kirby Series as it existed at that time. I would end up beating 15 Kirby Games before moving on to the Kid Icarus Series and the rest of Punch-Out!!

Series that are only 3 games long can be like low-hanging fruit.

The thing about Kirby’s Dream Land in particular is that it came out before Kirby was able to use his trademark Copy Ability, which is what allows Kirby to steal the abilities of his enemies. The Copy Ability is something that Kirby is well known for, but he would only start using it in the second Kirby game, Kirby’s Adventure for the NES.

Sword2 (2)
This is Kirby with a sword.

Kirby’s Dream Land is also so short that the entirety of the game was able to be remade and inserted into a later game, Kirby Super Star, where it would serve as one of the mini-games. It was short enough that I was able to complete both it and Kirby’s Adventure in the same afternoon.

This game is a breeze.

I think I did a pretty good job of completing most of the Kirby Series. It’s been almost 5 years though, and many titles have been released in that time. I’ll have to return to Dream Land to finish the job, but currently, I’m in the middle of trying to complete the Greater Mario Series, which is like fighting a dragon with many heads.

Mario’s Picross 2 is so long.

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Gaming Post 17: Super Mario 3D World

I had a good feeling about the number the random number generator gave me, and sure enough, my next post will be about the game Super Mario 3D World. This was the game that started what I like to call my “Year of Mario” in which I beat 26 games set within the Mario Universe in 365 days.


If you have a Wii U, this is a game that you should get. It’s pretty great. It’s the continuation of the 3D Mario series, and I was really happy to be able to play this game when it came out. There was actually a midnight release for this game, because it came out the same day that the Xbox One came out. Super Mario 3D World and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds both got this benefit. I picked up both games at midnight, went home and immediately booted up 3D World.

Don’t forget to find this Easter Egg!

Now, I am sometimes known as being a big fan of the Zelda Series, so it might be surprising to some that I started with 3D World over A Link Between Worlds, but there is a logical explanation. My interest in Super Mario predates my interest in The Legend of Zelda. At one time I believed that Super Mario 64 was the most important video game in the world.


The main objective in the story of Super Mario 3D World is to save pixie princesses from Bowser and his minions. Each stage has 3 Green Stars and a MiiVerse Stamp to collect, and in order to 100% the game, this must be done for every stage. Towards the end of the 100%ing process, every stage must have been cleared at least once by every playable character. These playable characters are Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Peach, and Rosalina (who gets unlocked at some point after the story I think). The four characters you start with are the same as the characters in (and have the same physicality rules set by) America’s Super Mario 2 (Super Mario USA in Japan).


Of course, like always, there’s a new power up. Mario can now have all the powers of a Cat.


This is the first 3D Mario game in which multiple people can play at the same time, so all the levels were designed to be relatively flat with that in mind. It’s also the first 3D Mario game to be rendered in HD graphics.


The music in this game is on par with what we’ve heard in the Super Mario Galaxy series. I particularly like the moment in the game when you discover World Bowser. This is my favorite song in the whole game.


I like this song a lot too.

Mario 3D World fully integrates MiiVerse. What that means is that you see MiiVerse posts all over the place, some of which can be pretty entertaining, if only for how ridiculous they can be.


Now, I loved the Super Mario Galaxy series both for its gameplay and for the fact that it was a continuation of Mario’s Power Star collecting journey. Super Mario 3D world is a great game, but in my opinion, it wasn’t quite on par with the Super Mario Galaxy series. I think that because 3D World was designed for multiplayer, the levels were in some ways held back from reaching the epicness of Mario Galaxy.


But just because I personally want a Super Mario Galaxy 3 or Sunshine 2, it doesn’t make 3D World any less of a game. In fact, 3D World introduced a new type of Mario level in the form of Captain Toad’s Adventures. The thing about Captain Toad is that his backpack is heavy, so he can’t jump. To get him through each of his stages, you must solve how to get through them like a puzzle.


These Captain Toad levels inspired a spinoff title the following year called Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. I liked that game too, but I’ll tell you more about that another day.


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