Gaming Post 38: NES Remix 2

The Random Number Generator has decided that the next game I should write an article about is NES Remix 2.


In late April of 2019, I finished 100% completing WarioWare Gold which was a task that I originally thought would take a short amount of time but did not.

This game was not as short as I thought it would be.

Since my brain was, upon the completion of WarioWare Gold, already used to fast paced micro-games, I decided that it would be a good idea to continue playing within that genre and complete the NES Remix games.


The NES Remix series consists of fast-paced challenges using the sprites and mechanics of games that came out on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It serves as a tutorial for how to play a handful of difficult Nintendo games from the NES era, but it also mixes those games together to make small interesting experiences that wouldn’t see the light of day had these games never came out.

link in dk
Link saves Pauline during the events of Donkey Kong


On the Wii U, there is NES Remix and NES Remix 2, and on the 3DS, there is Ultimate NES Remix, which I later found out is basically the best of both of them put together.

For example, they removed Clu Clu Land from Ultimate NES Remix to make the game more fun.

NES Remix and NES Remix 2 each pulls content from 12 NES games each. All NES games are relatively simple, but the ones used in the first NES Remix are mostly games that don’t really have endings (with the exceptions of Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda).

The games from NES Remix 1
The games from NES Remix 2

NES Remix 2 pulls content from games which often do have endings, and thus are games I had already completed prior to my playthrough of NES Remix 2. In fact, the only games from NES Remix 2 that I haven’t beaten are NES Open Tournament (from the Mario Golf series), Wario’s Woods (a puzzle game which in the course of writing this article I found out has an ending) and Ice Hockey (which doesn’t appeal to me). The other 9 are ones I’ve beaten.

I guess I have to beat this game. Maybe on NES. Maybe on SNES. Maybe on both. I haven’t decided yet.

My goal was to earn 3 stars on every stage. You get 3 stars if you can complete a stage without wasting time. There is a rank beyond 3 stars, which is 3 stars rainbow rank, but that was too hard to do for every stage, so I ignored it.

Miiverse-1 (1)

When NES Remix 1 and 2 came out, they had social aspects built into them. The social network MiiVerse was utilized to share records and leave comments about particular stages. When I played NES Remix 2 to its completion, MiiVerse was already nothing more than a memory. Even though this was the case, I went ahead and unlocked all the MiiVerse stamps anyway by doing a fast and easy stage over and over again.

Doing this stage is the best strategy for earning the useless MiiVerse stamps.

Getting the stamps was the last thing I did in the game. My strategy was to skip days ahead on my Wii U until the game randomly chose for Zelda II to give double rewards. I then simply did Stage 4 of Zelda II’s tutorial, which was killing an iron knuckle over and over again for an hour or two. I had a lot of experience doing this already since I’ve beaten Zelda II several times, and in this scenario, I was constantly getting healed.

And so that’s basically the story of how I beat NES Remix 2.

Thanks for reading!


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