Gaming Post 37: Kirby’s Dream Land

The Random Number Generator has decided that the next game I should write an article about is Kirby’s Dream Land.


In January of 2015, I beat the game Punch-Out!! (NES) on the Wii U Virtual Console. Even though I used Restore Points to take most of the difficulty out of the game, it wasn’t completely easy.

When I time travel, I see this menu a lot. Actually, way too much.


Instead of immediately moving on to Super Punch-Out!!, I settled on what would probably be an easier target. Available on the 3DS Virtual Console were the first few entries in the Kirby Series. The Kirby Series was high on my list of targets, Kirby himself having been a playable character in the very first Super Smash Bros. game.

The Original 12 Fighters represent The Greater Mario Series, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, StarFox, Pokémon, Earthbound and F-Zero.

For me, the completion of Kirby’s Dream Land began a month and a half long binge of the Kirby Series as it existed at that time. I would end up beating 15 Kirby Games before moving on to the Kid Icarus Series and the rest of Punch-Out!!

Series that are only 3 games long can be like low-hanging fruit.

The thing about Kirby’s Dream Land in particular is that it came out before Kirby was able to use his trademark Copy Ability, which is what allows Kirby to steal the abilities of his enemies. The Copy Ability is something that Kirby is well known for, but he would only start using it in the second Kirby game, Kirby’s Adventure for the NES.

Sword2 (2)
This is Kirby with a sword.

Kirby’s Dream Land is also so short that the entirety of the game was able to be remade and inserted into a later game, Kirby Super Star, where it would serve as one of the mini-games. It was short enough that I was able to complete both it and Kirby’s Adventure in the same afternoon.

This game is a breeze.

I think I did a pretty good job of completing most of the Kirby Series. It’s been almost 5 years though, and many titles have been released in that time. I’ll have to return to Dream Land to finish the job, but currently, I’m in the middle of trying to complete the Greater Mario Series, which is like fighting a dragon with many heads.

Mario’s Picross 2 is so long.

Thanks for reading!


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